Every Friday join your host Greg Bone for the Divine Frequency show. With a musical melting pot of most things Electronica, House, Tech, and Techno the pallet will include but not stay exclusive to: downtempo, deep and organic, and range right through to the more melodic and progressive or the dark powerful and driving, but all sourced through the soul, where you find that Divine Frequency that makes the hairs on the back of ya neck stand up.

Always live unless an earth extinction event is befalling us, there will be the odd guest host and artists joining me to keep things fresh as well as nights dedicated to showcasing a particular producer, artist, label or position on the globe that has inspired/influenced myself or the guest hosts. Lastly since it’s the weekend we’ll be doing our best to spread the good news in regards to the local line up about town that have the gospel when it comes to the soul infused body shaking shoe shuffling soundtrack required for pinnacle party performance.
Choose your frequency!